v. & n.
1 intr. (often foll. by to, with) converse or communicate ideas by spoken words.
2 intr. have the power of speech.
3 intr. (foll. by about) a have as the subject of discussion. b (in imper.) colloq. as an emphatic statement (talk about expense! It cost me pound50).
4 tr. express or utter in words; discuss (you are talking nonsense; talked cricket all day).
5 tr. use (a language) in speech (is talking Spanish).
6 intr. (foll. by at) address pompously.
7 tr. (usu. foll. by into, out of) bring into a specified condition etc. by talking (talked himself hoarse; how did you talk them into it?; talked them out of the difficulty).
8 intr. reveal (esp. secret) information; betray secrets.
9 intr. gossip (people are beginning to talk).
10 intr. have influence (money talks).
11 intr. communicate by radio.
1 conversation or talking.
2 a particular mode of speech (baby-talk).
3 an informal address or lecture.
4 a rumour or gossip (there is talk of a merger). b its theme (their success was the talk of the town).
5 (often in pl.) extended discussions or negotiations.
Phrases and idioms:
know what one is talking about be expert or authoritative. now you're talking colloq. I like what you say, suggest, etc. talk away
1 consume (time) in talking.
2 carry on talking (talk away! I'm listening).
talk back
1 reply defiantly.
2 respond on a two-way radio system. talk big colloq. talk boastfully. talk down to speak patronizingly or condescendingly to.
talk a person down
1 silence a person by greater loudness or persistence.
2 bring (a pilot or aircraft) to landing by radio instructions from the ground. talk the hind leg off a donkey talk incessantly. talk nineteen to the dozen see DOZEN.
talk of
1 discuss or mention.
2 (often foll. by verbal noun) express some intention of (talked of moving to London). talk of the town what is being talked about generally. talk out Brit. block the course of (a bill in Parliament) by prolonging discussion to the time of adjournment. talk over discuss at length. talk a person over (or round) gain agreement or compliance from a person by talking. talk shop talk, esp. tediously or inopportunely, about one's occupation, business, etc. talk show = chat show (see CHAT(1)). talk tall boast.
talk through one's hat (or neck) colloq.
1 exaggerate.
2 bluff.
3 talk wildly or nonsensically. talk to reprove or scold (a person). talk to oneself soliloquize. talk turkey see TURKEY. talk up discuss (a subject) in order to arouse interest in it. you can't (or can) talk colloq. a reproof that the person addressed is just as culpable etc. in the matter at issue.
talker n.
Etymology: ME talken frequent. verb f. TALE or TELL(1)

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